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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My new work

I am currently working on a body of work entitled Sticks and Stones. It is based on the nartural forms to be found in the areas where I live - flint and Thetford forest.

From Saturday 28th June to  Thursday 2nd August 2012 my work will be part of an exhibition at the Edmund Gallery in Bury St Edmunds [next to the Cathedral] with Yvonne Brown, and independedtly we have been working on themes from the area where we both live, which are contained in a larger area known as the Brecklands.

This piece is entitled Sticks and Stones, and is one of the first pieces I completed. More works are planned and I have a solo exhibition in 2013 at the Festival Of Quilts where they will be on show - a book is planned to go with the exhibition too!

All photos in today's posts are by Kevin Mead of Art Van Go

City and Guilds

Creative Stitch Suffolk is pleased to anounce the courses for September 2012;

Certificate Level 3 Patchwork and Quilting taught by Marion Barbes and Mary McIntosh

Certificate Level 3 Machine Embroidery taught by Annette Morgan

The Diploma for P&Q and Machine Embroidery is only taught every 2 yrs and will start again in September 2013 for which we alredy have a waiting list.

For further information contact Annette or go to where we have leisure courses listed too.

Our exhibition at the end of June went very well and we were able to give monies to the WI and also to the Warner Textile Archive.

I'm back!

A lot has happened since my last post in September - so I am going to do several posts to update you!

In the spring I sent off 4 quilts to the states to be part of an exhibition with other  quilters entiltled From Marbel to Marvellous, and the quilts have been touring around the states in the Mancuso Quilt Shows.

These quilts haven't been seen in the UK as yet, and the quilt with the free flowing shapes is my favourite! The work was based on photos taken of the floor tiles in Bristol Cathedral. Tiles designs and pretty patchwork isn't what I do - sooo....... I took the shapes from the tiles, sqaures, circles and traingles and made sillk screens and printed my own fabric. The blue fabric is space dyed, then I used crazy patchwork techniques and applique to stitch the fabrics together.