The faded redhead

Annette Morgan. Quilt Artist, teacher and author

Monday, 10 March 2008

Well it looks like my daughter has got in the act with her blog - - she says she's turned out like her mum, working for the health service and stitching! Like mother like daughter!

I've just had a sale, from a lady who found my website and came to visit. She bought a piece and commissioned another to go with it - thank you Juliet. As she lives in Suffolk, she wanted a textile from a suffolk artist. I still have the pictures in my camera but I will put one on my blog of the quilt. It is an abstract landscape.

I'm trying to work on a piece for Quilt 2008 at the moment, doing lots of samples but not really happy with what I have done so far. It will be another in the serendipity series where I use a soldering iron on an already stitched quilt! The quilt pictured is "Faded Murray and Blue", so called because it reminded my husband of herladic colours. If you want more info on this quilt let me know!
That's all for now!