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Sunday, 29 May 2016

"The time has come the walrus said......"
And so I have decided to retire from some of my textile work, I have been traveling, and teaching for the last 20yrs or so! Last summer I decided it would be the last time I demonstrate or teach at the Festival of Quilts [which I helped to found]. A few months later, after making my decision, we found out we would be grandparents for the first time - so it was meant to be! Our grandson Luke is now 8 weeks old and growing fast. I give my last talk about my own work in July, but I will be giving a lecture at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August on quilt judging [on which course I will remain the senior tutor].

I will still be involved in teaching some C&G courses [see ] and a few selected weekends here and there, but will not be taking bookings for groups. My website will be scaled down, but I will still post here on my blog, and on Instagram - see fadedredhead1.

I am planning to do more of my own work, and will be exhibiting with the two textile groups to which I belong, Anglia Textile Works [our next exhibition is at Minerva Gallery in Wales titled Setinels] and with Tin Hut Textiles [next exhibition is at Snape Maltings in Suffolk called Ebb and Flow]. I will also be making small things to sell and plan to show these on Folksy - items are being made at the moment from some of my old quilts.

Below is one of the pieces I have made for ATW's exhibition at Minerva it is called Old Sentinels -" Who Came Back ? Grandmother said a phantom." It is based on a poem by my husbands's brother Steve Morgan about their grandfather Stan, who fought in the First World War.


Blogger lulu moonwood murakami said...

Hello, I just read your piece in The Textile Artist and am happy to be introduced to your work. I found this piece particularly intriguing and inspiring. All the more interesting now that I see it was inspired by a poem written by your husband's brother about their grandfather. Thank you!

4 July 2016 at 16:03  

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