The faded redhead

Annette Morgan. Quilt Artist, teacher and author

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Just to let you all know that I have been asked to teach in Australia next year at the Australiasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne in April, and already some of the classes are full! I feel very honoured as I have been asked to give a talk on the work of Contempoary British Quiltmakers and also to take an exhibition with me. I have asked the Out of the Fold group if I can take their current exhibition [ which has just been at the Cavern 4 gallery in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk] and they are very excited about it. One of the group actually comes from Melbourne so you can imagine her reaction!
We are going to combine it with a trip to New Zealand, as that is where our son in law is from. They are having a 7 month career break and have gone travelling - they are just about to leave India to fly to China, then to go to Vietnam, Thialand, Malaysia, Australia ending up in NZ. We are going to spend some there with Jono's folks - so it's all coming together!
I have alot more info to share with you which I will do in further posts!