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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My new work

I am currently working on a body of work entitled Sticks and Stones. It is based on the nartural forms to be found in the areas where I live - flint and Thetford forest.

From Saturday 28th June to  Thursday 2nd August 2012 my work will be part of an exhibition at the Edmund Gallery in Bury St Edmunds [next to the Cathedral] with Yvonne Brown, and independedtly we have been working on themes from the area where we both live, which are contained in a larger area known as the Brecklands.

This piece is entitled Sticks and Stones, and is one of the first pieces I completed. More works are planned and I have a solo exhibition in 2013 at the Festival Of Quilts where they will be on show - a book is planned to go with the exhibition too!

All photos in today's posts are by Kevin Mead of Art Van Go


Blogger Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I like you work and you have chosen a great title for it too.

21 August 2013 at 04:14  

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